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Friday, April 8, 2011

Thank you, J Crew, thank you, Flood

If I have something to say, clean up after a major flood in my basement....

All of sudden, like out of the blue, I get a hankering for creating.

Call it odd.

I don't know.
If I HAVE to deal with something, I usually don't.
Right away.

So when our basement flooded last week, and I sank into a wet soppy ball of saturated mess...I did what I had to do.
EC did the majority of the clean up with our friend, Jeff.
32 gallons of water sucked out of the studio carpeting ALONE.
I came up stairs and began sewing.

I'm really good like that.
I like to get things done.

Sewing was on my list.

The flood was NOT.

So, I took some vintage fabric I had and started making pleated ruffles.  I didn't know what they were going to be attached to..I just made them and threw them on a heap.
Then, the flood happened.
So, I grabbed this wool J Crew sweater that I bought at the local thrift.

Cut it all curvy-like down the center.

Added some ruffles from the heap.

Made the sleeves bishop-esque and turned it into this!

It is actually still cold enough here in New York to wear this sweater...
maybe I'll grab a book and go to the park!

b i g   s m i l e s 



  1. That is clever! Can you cut a knitted sweater like that? How did you finish the edges so it doesn't fray?

  2. This is my fav so far! I love the ruffles (of course I do) but what's cool is cascading them down the front like that. And then there are my fav ruffled cuffs... but what a unique take on the sleeves... I love a billowing effect you added there Ms. K!! I love it!

  3. OH my gosh. Do it! Go look all gorgeous like and grab your book!

    I really LOVE what you're doing with your creativity, K!


  4. Wow! So creative! :) I am going to have to get my sewing machine out and learn how to make ruffles...yep, it's sad...I haven't learned to make ruffles yet...

  5. You have a real eye for this stuff, Kolein! Love it, especially the sleeves. :)

  6. That is so cute! I can see you in it too. It's a little warm for here right now but I'm sure it will keep you nice and toasty there!

  7. Wow, Kolein!

    I love it. I was just thinking the other day... I used to dress froophy! Ya know different.
    One of my favorite outfits when we first married was my favorite blue jeans, some boots (cow-girl type) and any old comfortable shirt --with my wool-poncho thrown over me!

    I don't dress like that now... but you make me think I should!
    I love your creativity.
    and for the record... when I have a job to do-- that seems overwhelming at the time... I have to go do something else get me motivated and help me deal.

  8. Love it, love it, love it. Very Romantique!

  9. Wow that is amazing. You definitely have a talent for fashion. At least there was a little bright spot in your clean-up. Very pretty.

  10. Bring on the ruffles! This is one of your best, Kolein! I love it!


  11. Wow! If that is the creativity that comes from a flooded basement... I almost wish mine would flood! (Almost) That's definitely a "holding my head high" type of sweater - I love it1

  12. Oh how I feel for you and your flood....We are STILL dealing with insurance....Glad you got it cleaned up and it prompted you to create...HELLO Anthropologie with that sweater...You are unbelievable...

    Take care,

  13. Kolein, your sweater is adorable. I love the curvy opening.
    I was thinking about you yesterday and wondering why I had not seen any posts from your new blog. Apparently it is because I wasn't a follower. I thought I had clicked that button to follow you here too but I guess I didn't. Now i have and I am off to see what I have missed.
    Thanks from stopping by my blog. I am super glad you have been pleased with your floors.

  14. Girl, did you make that for me???It has Buckeye's colors!!!! I love what you are doing here Kolein!!!

  15. Didn't you want to grab your sewing machine and make my Roman Shades ; ) Love, Me
    Love the sweater!

  16. Thanks for your comment about my Kitchen! I love your ideas on here! I'm bookmarking your blog for sure!

  17. Good luck with the flooding, hope everything is fine!