couture: pronounced-kOtooer: the design and manufacture of fashionable clothes to a client's specific requirements and measurements. creative couture by kolein- the design, embellishment and overall jazzin' up of thrift store clothing to my specific requirements and measurements. One of a kinds...because aren't we all?

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Boiled Wool Sweater all Girlie-like!

Just for the record,
I don't really know what I'm doing here,
in a professional sense.
But I've watched and read your blogs
you don't either.
(well, most of you don't!)
So I figure, I'm in good company.
We're all just wingin' it!

I have this boiled wool jacket.
A thrift store find.
The sleeves were too short.
(my usual and lengthy dilemma)

Love the navy color.
But it needed something extra.

I also have this teal linen skirt.
I never wear it.  Usually.
But I buy linen because I LOVE IT.
(whether I wear it or not, I will use the fabric somewhere I keep telling myself)

The banana bread has nothing to do with this.
But the true color of the linen skirt is what I wanted to show you.
See it down there.

 I made the rosette for my first jacket re-do out of a piece of the linen skirt.

After I cut the skirt apart,
I sewed on some frilly sleeves.
But the neck area seemed too plain.
I cut the skirt in half and sewed it up just enough to fit over my head where the elastic waist band was...

See the band in the back there?
I LOVE linen, because it lays wherever you put it
and it flounces!
(flounce makes me smile)
I can wear this scarf with any top or blazer.
It's lightweight, too.

The sleeves are split.
I used the back of the skirt for this part.
It's actually the slit in the back.
No hemming.  Everything was already done!

Here's the finished product.

This project was very easy.
The hardest part was getting over cutting up the skirt!!

thanks for stopping over today